Pearl Gonzalez


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Pearl Gonzalez
MMA Fighter

Team USA Fighter Pearl Gonzalez, doesn’t set her sights low: She decided early in life that she is going to be a “Billionaire”. And if her success in the ring is any indication of her future business success, she will make it to the cover of Forbe’s.

Team USA Fighter Pearl Gonzalez
“I started training with Bob Schirmer at Combat-Do when I was 11,” Pearl says. “A year later I made the Pankration team, and travelled with them to fight in Canada and Mexico. I trained consistently until I was about 16, when I took a break. I returned to training when I was 21, and I have not left the gym since. I still train at Combat-Do with Bob Schirmer, and also at LA Boxing with other MMA fighters.”

In her fighting career, Pearl has been a:

  • Cut Throat Absolute Champion
  • Kiama International Champion
  • Golden Glove Champion
  • Naga Championship fighter
  • Pankration Championship fighter
  • Midwest Jiu-Jitsu champion

  • Although Pearl considers herself “a strong ground fighter, a ‘take-down artist,’” she has been working on rounding out her fighting style. “I have been working really hard on my stand-up fighting and wrestling styles. I am working hard to become a complete fighter.”

    Pearl has been training long enough to know what she needs to do to take herself to the next level.

    “First and foremost,” she says, “I need to mentally prepare myself. And I need to train consistently, maintain a strict diet, and most importantly, I need to be in a positive state of mind.”

    Quick Facts

    Record: 7 Wins, 1 Loss, no Draws, 5 wins by submission
    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 130 lbs.
    Aug. 12, 1986
    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Pearl’s Favorites:
    Person I most admire: My Aunt Denise
    Favorite Fight Moment: My first international fight vs. Canada in San Diego
    Hobbies: Train, workout, work, dance, read, do my hair, nails, look cute
    Favorite MMA Fighter: Anderson Silva
    Before a fight I feel: Focused
    Pre-Fight Meal: Spinach/feta cheese omelet, chocolate
    Favorite Athlete: Michael Jordan
    Favorite Movie: Eat, Pray, Love
    Favorite Music: Spanish, Hip Hop, House, a little bit of everything
    Favorite Recording Artists: Shakira/Beyonce
    Favorite Movie actor: Angelina Jolie
    Future Ambitions: Become a successful business owner, become a billionaire
    First Job: PAV Realtors
    Dream home: Downtown in a high-rise, not sure what city

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      All I want is front row tickets when you’re fighting in the big Arena’s… Don’t forget about your Bro in law… Love you Good luck and whoop some butt… I still got you… Haahahaha !

      Love Bro William!

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